Pokemon Sun and Moon: Should EXP. Share Items Return?

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Pokemon Sun and Moon are still quite a few months away. While most fans are excited about all of the new features and Pokemon in the game, some are wondering if we will see a couple of older mechanics come back to the two games. The one thing fans were 50/50 about in Pokemon X and Y was the EXP share, which got some fans to wonder if it will be returning in this year’s games.

Brought up on a Reddit thread, it seems like some fans want it back while some don’t. The fans who do want it back pointed out how it removed the grinding feeling that the older games had, while older fans seemed to be okay with the grinding, since it was much more realistic.

At the same time, earning EXP always feels repetitive. This is true for most RPGs, including the Pokemon games. Pokemon Sun and Moon look to do away with a number of the series’ formulaic structure, but it seems like grinding will still be a part of the two games. The EXP share would make the grinding feel like less of a chore though.

If the EXP share doesn’t return ? which is highly unlikely ? it won’t really be a game breaker. Sure, some fans won’t enjoy the grinding, but the game has so many new features to use and Alolan Pokemon to capture, fans might stop missing it the moment they play one of the two games.

Considering the EXP share’s appearance in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, there is a solid chance that it will return in Pokemon Sun and Moon. This shouldn’t be a huge problem for those who like to grind either, since the game always gave players the option to turn the EXP share off. This would allow them to raise each Pokemon’s level one by one, just like in the older games.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are slated for a November 18 release on the 3DS. The game will also be available on the 2DS and New 3DS, so nobody gets left behind. A manga of the game will be released in September.

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