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Pokemon Sun And Moon Event Flops

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Pokemon Sun and Moon was undoubtedly one of the biggest game releases for the Nintendo 3DS in recent years. The release of the latest game in the Pokemon series for the handheld console was followed by countless fans. In order to help boost the already rising popularity of the game, the game?s developers held an event to unite Pokemon Sun and Moon fans all over the world. Unfortunately, it appears that the recent Pokemon Sun and Moon event flops in a big way, which was certainly surprising.

Pokemon Sun and Moon was released just last month so the hype for the game is still on the upswing. This is the reason why Game Freak decided to have a global event to help boost the popularity of the game even further.

The mission was simple enough and that is to catch 100 million Pokemon across Pokemon Sun and Moon starting last month. If the goal will be met, there will be a big reward for all those who have participated.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Event Flops Big Time

Pokemon Sun and Moon Event Flops

Unfortunately, Gamespot reports that the Pokemon Sun and Moon event was a big flop as meeting the 100 million Pokemon goal was not even close. The report mentions that the Pokemon Sun and Moon players only caught 16.5 million Pokemon which is certainly nowhere near the target mark.

Had the players reached the goal, they would have been given 100 Festival Coins in the game. Because they were not able to meet it though the players would have to settle with the consolation prize of 100 coins.

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While this may not be huge news to some, the response to the first worldwide Pokemon Sun and Moon challenge was certainly intriguing. The game was considered by many as one of the most popular new game to launch for the Nintendo 3DS which is why it was surprising that the goal was not met.

What Will Be the Next Global Challenge?

Surely, Game Freak will be thinking long and hard as to what the next global challenge will be. They will likely make it more interesting or probably offer a better reward to help motivate Pokemon Sun and Moon players.

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