Pokemon Sun And Moon EV Training: New Changes In Effort Value And Why It Is Important

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Pokemon Sun and Moon EV Training

Recently, Pokemon Sun and Moon fans found new systems about the game?s Effort Value (EV) training. More features have been revealed to allow players to maximize stats even if they?re playing casually. Here?s what we know so far about the Pokemon Sun and Moon EV Training systems.

New EV Training Systems

According to Hytheter?s thread in the Pokemon Reddit, Reddit user TownIdiot25 confirmed some of the new Pokemon Sun and Moon EV training systems. Players have the Poke Pelago and Festival Plaza to increase their Pokemon?s EV stats passively with time instead of heavy grinding. The Poke Pelago works like a Day Care Center that grows your Pokemon EVs. Meanwhile, the Festival Plaza can have certain booths that sell drinks that improve your Pokemon?s EV.

The original EV train grinding is still there through the Wild Pokemon asking for reinforcements which could help their Pokemon gain more stats. The passive EV training systems just reduce the overall time needed to grind for EV training especially if you?re aiming to maximize each Pokemon slot.

Effort Value Importance

Effort Values significantly decide the overall build of your Pokemon as they level up. Players aiming to get strong should understand how Effort Value system works. Usually, experienced players tend to focus their Pokemon?s Effort Value growth toward their preferred use. If you allocate your Effort Values good enough, you might be able to even challenge the game?s Battle Tree without worrying too much about moves.

Competitive Boost

Potentially, the new Pokemon Sun and Moon EV training system only asks players a portion of their time to improve EVs to good numbers. Previously, players had to allot both time and focus as they have to continuously grind on defeating wild Pokemon for their rewards. Now players just need to know which stat they need and allocate their Poke Pelago and Festival Plaza bonuses correctly.

If these systems are successful, it may easily inspire casual Pokemon players to dabble in competitive battles as they may have a few EV trained Pokemon at their disposal. However, players will still have to study to correctly use the Pokemon Sun and Moon EV training systems. Stay updated with more Pokemon Sun and Moon news here on The BitBag.

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