Pokemon Sun and Moon Continues the Pokemon Craze, Manga Teaser to Arrive This September

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Let?s admit it, Pokemon GO is the latest sensation on the Internet, with millions of gamers trapped under the spell of these rare ?animals?. But did you know, that aside from Pokemon GO, there are also several versions of it like the anime and manga version? And yes, you heard it right, Pokemon Sun and Moon will soon get its manga version.

The announcement was made by The Pokemon Company on Monday, with its first issue beginning on October in Shogakukan’s Coro Coro Comics issue. The Pokemon Sun and Moon manga series will release a preview on the comics? September issue featuring Akira, the main character in the manga series. Akira will bring readers to the magical world of the Alola region along with his trusted companion Rockruff or Iwanko.

Recent reports also revealed that the character of Rockruff bears a similarity to Pikachu of the original Pokemon series. Unfortunately, that?s all there is on the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon manga series, but for those who wish to know more about it, TheBitBag will continue to report updates about the manga version.

Next in line is the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon game. Recently, it was discovered that it already contained 31 types of Pokemon and counting. Aside from the Yungoos, expect other types like Minior, Tapu Koko, Salndit, Komala, Yungoos, Minior, bird Oricorio, Drampa and Mimikyu.


Meanwhile, the latest craze from The Pokemon Company has been the arrival of the Pokemon GO game. It?s addictive, it?s fun, and it lets you go places you never imagined visiting before, let alone walking to it. The trend is so well received that despite developer Niantic admitting to some glitches with the game, millions have already joined the Pokemon GO game. Just recently, the game expanded to at least 15 more countries and is expected to continue until they cover all their targeted regions.

Are you interested in the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon manga series coming this October? Get the latest update from The Pokemon Company here on TheBitBag.

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