Pokemon Sun and Moon Collector’s Edition: Get Both Versions Cheaper With The Dual Pack

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

Fans who are planning to get Pokemon Sun and Moon are in for a treat, as a steelcase dual pack containing both games has been revealed. This is a huge improvement over the original steelcase editions which look good but only contain one of the two games.

Admittedly, the current US$89.99 price for both games is a bit expensive, but fans do get them in a sleek-looking steelcase. While this is a bit more expensive than getting both regular versions of the two 3DS titles, which cost US$ 39.99 each, the dual pack is probably cheaper than buying both steelcase editions of the two games, since they are exclusive to Europe.

The Pokemon Sun and Moon dual pack can currently be pre-ordered on Amazon for the aforementioned price of US$89.99. Those with an Amazon Prime account can get the steelcase dual pack for US$71.99. This is a bit cheaper than buying both regular editions of the game, so hardcore fans of the Pokemon franchise may want to consider pre-ordering this package.

Aside from the fancy steelcase for both games, there are no other pre-order bonuses that are known at the moment. Pokemon X and Y gave fans Torchic as a DLC Pokemon, so it’s possible that Game Freak could do something similar for Sun and Moon, though no possible details have been revealed.

The inside of the dual pack steelcase.

Even without the steelcases and pre-order DLC, the two games will definitely be big hits when they come out later this year. The new Hawaii-inspired setting has made Sun and Moon feel like a breath of fresh air compared to the other games in the Pokemon series. With promises of island travel and a ton of new creatures to catch, raise and evolve, they could be among the best installments of the series.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are currently slated for a Nov. 18 release for the 3DS. The two games will also be playable on the 2DS and New 3DS, so no one is left behind. Fans who want both games or don’t like trading can get the dual pack by pre-ordering from Amazon.

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