Pokemon Sun And Moon Burst Evolutions: What We Know So Far

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Game Freak is pulling out all the stops when it comes to Pokemon Sun and Moon, and there?s a lot in store for fans. So far, we?ve seen an entirely new take on the world of Pokemon, and there?s a lot of changes gameplay-wise as well. One of the sought-after features for fans is Burst Evolution. There are several signs pointing to it being eventually part of the next gen, and here?s what we know about it so far.

What Are Burst Evolutions?

Based on Pokemon lore, a Burst Evolution is the toughest feat for both trainer and Pokemon. Trying it can result in the death of a trainer. This type of evolution further strengthens a Pokemon by allowing the trainer to somewhat fuse with it. Like Mega Evolutions, Burst Evolutions are done with the aid of a special item called Burst Hearts.

What Pokemon Can It Be Used On?

It?s very likely that the three starter Pokemon, Litten, Rowlithe and Popplio, will all have Burst Evolutions. In the previous issue of CoroCoro Magazine, the Pokemon Iwanko was described to have a secret hidden in its body, like the starter Pokemon. This could be Niantic hinting early that the Burst Evolutions will be available in the game.

We can also expect a few fan favorites like some previous series starters to have the new power. In the anime, Burst Evolutions was first seen when Ash fused with Greninja, so we can expect this generation 6 starter to be part of the first Burst Evolution releases.

What Does It Mean For Mega Evolutions?

We don?t exactly know what will happen to Mega Evolutions once Burst Evolutions are released, but it?s a bit farfetched for Game Freak to include two powerful possibilities in one game. However, removing one feature could make online battles between Pokemon Sun and Moon users against Alpha Sapphire, Omega Ruby, X and Y players difficult. But it?s possible that Game Freak won?t allow online battles between gen 7 and past gens.

Game Freak will have an update on Pokemon Sun and Moon later today, so tune in here on TheBitbag for updates.

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