Pokemon Sun And Moon Battle Tree: All Opponents And What To Expect

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Pokemon Sun And Moon Battle Tree

The Pokemon Sun and Moon Battle Tree opponents have been leaked along with the other game content. The leaked Battle Tree list includes Pokemon Sun and Moon story trainers and some characters from previous games. Here?s what we know so far about the Pokemon Sun and Moon Battle Tree.

Familiar Faces

According to rusyaas9?s thread on the Pokemon Reddit, the leaks show that Red, Blue, Sina, Dexio, Grimsley, Anabel, Wally, Colress and Cynthia are the Battle Tree trainers. Players aiming to meet these people again may want to breed strong Pokemon for Battle Tree.

Easily, Red and Blue are main characters and the rival in the 1st Generation Pokemon games. Meanwhile, Wally is a unique Hoenn NPC, and players help him grow into a better trainer. Coming from Sinnoh, Cynthia is the former League champion. Meanwhile, Unova?s Elite Four Grimsley and Colress can also be fought in the Pokemon Sun and Moon Battle Tree.

Pokemon Sun and Moon characters like Sina, Dexio, and Anabel can also be challenged outside the Battle Tree. However, their Battle Tree counterparts may have stronger versions of their current team, so be careful. Players who?ve played the previous entries will enjoy this feature if they can climb up the ladders.

Difficult Climb

The official Pokemon site describes Battle Tree trainers as ?strong.? Historically, the Pokemon Battle areas varies in structure or name, but they?re usually for players seeking a challenge in NPC trainer battles. Most of the Pokemon trainer lineups in the Battle areas are optimized even at lower levels. These battles are even harder than the game?s Elite Four and Champion.

Usually, players will have to rely on optimizing their own Pokemon stats and using strategies often seen in competitive PvP to win. It?s highly possible that the Pokemon Sun and Moon will live up to the challenge modes of the previous games, so prepare for it.

Fan Suggestion

Currently, fans also see this area as a viable way for older Pokemon characters to make cameo appearances. Fan favorites, older Pokemon entry protagonists, rivals, villains and important NPCs are often requested to appear in the Pokemon Sun and Moon Battle Tree.

Additionally, warmwhimsy?s thread states that players may also want memorable real-world Pokemon tournament champions like Se Jun Park?s team to appear in the Battle Tree. Se Jun Park was known for bringing a durable Pachirisu which helped his team survive and win the Pokemon World Championships 2014.

Once the game is released on November 18, make sure to focus on clearing the game?s story and breeding Pokemon first. The Battle Tree is the game?s challenge mode and will make quick work of Pokemon that were only casually trained. Stay updated with more Pokemon Sun and Moon news here on TheBitBag.

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