Pokemon Sun and Moon: Battle Royals And Z-Moves Showcased At Gamescom 2016

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

Recently, the Nintendo Die Haus Party at Gamescom 2016 revealed game updates along with actual party games on the side. The house party also featured a brief showcase of the Pokemon Sun and Moon Battle Royals on the show. Despite the showcase, the game mode may not have tapped into its full potential in the show.

As seen from a stream footage from NinEverything, Pokemon Sun and Moon had presenters have a quick watch with the Battle Royals mode. The Nintendo Die Haus Party used the new three Alola starters, Pikachu, and other new Alola Pokemon to brawl it out in the mode. Most players can only superficially see the game mode?s four way free-for-all turn-based battle system rather than exhausting the game mode at all. Players can also see Pikachu use its Z-move around the 1 minute mark of the video.

The reveal didn?t last long as the Gamescom show only focused on casually presenting the game mode and the new Z-move system. This new system allows a Pokemon to unleash heavy damage and can only be usable once per battle. The video also showed how to activate the Z-move. According to users on the Pokemon Reddit, the player used a Normal-type Z Crystal on a Pikachu to turn its Slam move to the Z-move called ?Hyper Sprint Attack?. Moreover, Pikachu?s Z-Move happened first than all the other attacks so it?s possible that Z-Moves have move priority over regular moves.

Pokemon Sun and Moon still follows the regular Pokemon netplay setup where the game waits and collects all player commands before unleashing the attacks. Like regular Pokemon rules, the first Pokemon to attack will be the one with the best Speed stat.

Despite the appeal of this new system to casuals, balancing this game mode may actually be difficult. Since Battle Royals lets players attack any other player and the last trainer stranding win, this will be difficult to apply in competitive settings. Additionally, players can easily to decide to gang up on the player with the least health rendering three moves targeted against them. Battle Royals might actually be an unbalanced system.

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