Pokemon Sun And Moon Bans: Early Players Successfully Unban Their Account?

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The once boastful pirates got what they deserved when Nintendo started rolling out Pokemon Sun and Moon bans. These bans are pretty severe, as they ban players from going online and using the eShop. Funnily enough, fans that received the bans went on to say that they will never buy a Nintendo product.

Like the pirates in Peter Pan, however, it seems like they have a way to get out of this. Some fans stated that they removed the ban from their 3DS but are still doing tests on?4Chan. It’s not yet clear if this is a true statement, but they have yet to get any sympathy. Either way, it will be interesting to see if they really did get themselves unbanned from the game.

Nintendon’t Pirate

While the pirates successfully removed the Pokemon Sun and Moon bans, they did not state how they did it. For all we know, the pirates could be making this up or it’s a troll making fun of the people who got illegal copies of the two games. Fans believe that reviewers were affected by this, but this has yet to be confirmed.

This might be the harshest punishment Nintendo has given pirates. The company has always been very strict with online activity, to the point that YouTubers have to reach an agreement with them. Piracy is a big crime in the video game world, so seeing Nintendo act this way isn’t a huge surprise, given their online reputation.

Offline Crime

It will be interesting to see if Nintendo reacts to these removed Pokemon Sun and Moon bans. First, we will need proof that this solution actually works. The poster did not show any proof, aside from a picture of a working 3DS. For all we know, this could be taken before the ban, so we cannot take this for granted.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be available tomorrow for the 3DS. These are the most anticipated Pokemon games in quite sometime, so it’s easy to see why they were pirated so much. Still, the pirates got what they deserved. Fans that did not pirate the game should be able to play the game with no problem.

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