Pokemon Sun And Moon Ban: Reviewers And Official Copies Also Affected?

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pokemon sun and moon ban

Earlier this month, a lot of details about Pokemon Sun and Moon leaked. The details and everything about the game didn?t come from datamines. Actual copies of the upcoming title circulated online, giving anyone free access to the ROM. However, Nintendo got hold of the players who downloaded the ROM and banned their devices. Who are the affected players of the Pokemon Sun and Moon ban?

Forums like 4chan is fired up with complaints from a lot of players who downloaded the ROM for Pokemon Sun and Moon. Players who accessed the online features of the upcoming title are getting an error message when accessing the online features of the 3DS itself. Error code 002-0102 states that the device?s online capabilities have been restricted by Nintendo.

Kotaku shares a few of the player reactions from the issue. Players are of course outraged with what Nintendo did, but the company is in the right place for banning players who used an illegal copy. Serebii?s Joe Merrick also shared a message from Nintendo regarding the bans.

Reviewers Banned As Well?

According to 4chan threads, even reviewers who got an early copy of the game got their Nintendo 3DS banned as well. If this is indeed the case, then Nintendo might have gotten overboard with the bans. Basically, even legit copies that others got for review purposes got the same punishment as the ROMs circulating online.

The only way for the ROMs to circulate online is if those who got the early copy of the game decided to pirate the copy. It?s likely that Nintendo also banned the reviewers to get to the people who pirated the copy.

There?s no workaround yet to the Pokemon Sun and Moon ban. It?s possible that the reviewers could file their case to Nintendo Support in hopes of lifting the ban, but no one has reported about removing the ban yet. The workaround for now is if players get a new 3DS.

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