Pok?mon Sun and Moon Anime Spoilers: Lusamine?s Relationship With Lillie and Gladion Revealed

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Pokemon Sun And Moon Anime

The latest episode of Pok?mon Sun and Moon anime appears to have already provided the Nintendo 3DS games? big reveal. If you are a big fan of the Pok?mon game, here are some of the latest news you need to know.

Lillie is Professor Kukui?s mysterious assistant in the 3DS games. She holds a formidable resemblance to Lusamine. Lusamine leads the Aether Foundation research facility. Players were left in shock to know that the blondes are actually related.

The shocking reveal was learned by players before they ventured to the the Alola region?s fourth and final island. It was also revealed recently that Gladion is actually part of the family. The said character is the player?s rival. Gladion is also a blond.

The reveal is arguably the biggest twist in the Sun and Moon family tree. The game had kept Gladion?s connection to his sister Lillie a secret. Even his connection with Lusamine, who turned out to be his mom, left fans surprised.

The Biggest Reveal

This twist was given away pretty quickly in the latest episode of the Pok?mon Sun and Moon anime. Lillie was seen hanging out with Ash Ketchum as he trains around Alola. This alone is a difference from the plot of the game. Check out the cutaway to a family portrait below.

Both Gladion and Lusamine were not seen in the anime beyond this old photo. But the photo above clearly shows that the characters in the game do not only look alike. They are related to each other. They are a family.

But the story takes a dark turn as Lusamine ends up being Sun and Moon?s most promising villain. Pok?mon games are known more for its gameplay than its narrative. For this reason, ?Lusamine?s relationship with her children is surprisingly heartfelt.

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