?Pokemon Sun And Moon? Anime Review, Spoilers: Serena Returns?

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Pokemon Sun and Moon anime debuted in Japan Thursday morning, coinciding with the game?s November 18 launch. Aside from reviews, many speculations have been circulating online – including the possible return of Serena.

Pokemon Sun and Moon anime style

Fan feedback on social media initially raised several controversies that were detailed by Polygon. Most Pokemon Sun and Moon reviews pointed out the series? obvious new art style. Some said that the lighthearted comedy?s story supposedly fits the updated setting. However, the Pok?mon Company?s U.K. outpost reportedly saw things differently. After seeing the first English-language trailer, they said that the overall feel was too ?melodramatic.?


Pokemon Sun and Moon?s anime style conveyed something different from the franchise?s previous cartoon releases. This was evident in some of its characters. Ash looked more youthful and smooth, and Alola seemed a lot brighter.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon reviews raise dubbing issues

Dubbing also played a part in making Pokemon Sun and Moon different. The British trailers seemed to have a more serious tone. Several fans questioned how creators try to match the dub with the trailer.

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Cast appearances

Aside from these Pokemon Sun and Moon reviews, many are excited with the cast members to be featured.

Lillie, assistant to Pok?mon Professor Kukui, will reportedly be making her on-screen debut. The character contributed to the strong narrative that the games are known for.

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Fans are also hopeful that Serena will make a Pokemon comeback soon. A report from WWG recalled how she bid farewell when Pokemon XY: The Series ended. In the finale, she said gave Ash a goodbye kiss that surprised viewers.

Do you think that Serena will return in Pokemon Sun and Moon? What else about the show are you looking forward to the most? Let us know by commenting below and make sure to keep following TheBitBag for updates.

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