Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime Release Date, News and Spoilers: Why Did Ash Use His Z Moves?

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The all new Pokemon Sun and Moon anime series debuted in Japan and fans are ecstatic about its funny concept. News reveal that at least two episodes of the anime series premiered in Japan prior to its Western release this December. As opposed to the previous Pokemon XY and Z series, the new Pokemon anime is more lighthearted and features funny scenes. XY and Z, on the other hand, had a more mature storyline, nevertheless it was very entertaining and is appreciated by fans.

The following spoilers might not be the one you want to read; so you may stop here if you want. If not, risk knowing the story before it arrives in the U.S. this December. According to Kotaku, the first two episodes of the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime features Ash and his mother visiting the Alola region.

Pokemon Sun and Moon anime Storyline

As Ash and Pikachu wander around the place, they came across a school full of Pokemon. As they start to make friends in the school, they realized it was just the start of their new adventure in the Alola region. In the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime series, Ash will meet Monster Tapu Koko. Koko will introduce Ash his Z Ring and even offered to teach him how to use it. Pikachu, on the other hand, will receive the Z Move of Sparkling Gigavolt (Gigavolt Havoc).

The next episode of the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime series shows Ash?s mother leaving the Alola region. Ash will stay and eventually enrols at the Pokemon school. Here, he will learn the different powerful Z moves. The balancing of the anime series according to Kotaku leans more on the funny side of the series. Somehow, fans expect a more serious tone as the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime series progresses. After all, it is also known for its heartfelt scenes; of Ash and Pikachu?s journey in the Alola region.


The Pokemon Sun and Moon anime series debuted in Japan on November 17 and is expected to arrive in the U.S. on the 5th of December 2016.

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