Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime Episode 7 Review: Meet Litten The Wanderer

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime Episode 7 Review
Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime Episode 7 Review

Pokemon Sun and Moon episode 7 starts with Ash leaving Kukui’s house on his way to school. On the way he meets a Litten that looked similar to the one he encountered on episode 1. According to Rotom it will take some time before one could earn its trust. Litten looked hungry and Ash decided to cut a small portion of his sandwich to share. However, Litten saw the bigger portion Ash was holding in his other hand. Litten practically takes the entire sandwich before scurrying off.

Later on Litten is seen being bullied by a Persian, who took its sandwich. Litten attempted to attack with Ember, but the Persian throws the sandwich into the ember. Goodbye, sandwich. This frightened Litten, who started running away. Meanwhile in school Ash tells his friends about the Litten and apparently everyone knows it. Lana and Mallow feed it occasionally. Sophocles tells Ash that Litten wants solitude and there are times they really don’t get attached to their Trainers. Ash put some thought into it then decided he was going to catch Litten, to everyone’s surprise.

The following scene showed Team Rocket eating, only to realize that some of their food was missing. Once again, the culprit is Litten and Meowth tries to attack it. But Litten got away so fast when it attacked with an Ember. Meanwhile, Ash is with Kukui on a shopping trip when he noticed the Litten and went after it. Litten came near an old lady who fed it with Oran Berry, even saying that the two of them should share. Litten began running once again and entered an abandoned house. It wanted to give the Berry to a Stoutland. Stoutland in turn helps Litten so it can use a stronger Ember, per

The Chase Went On

After school Ash returned to Kukui’s house. There he finds Litten carrying a Sitrus Berry. This time though, Litten was not alone. The Persian it encountered earlier was also there and wants the Berry as well. Ash was surprised since this was the first time he saw a Persian from Alola. Right then and there he decided to help Litten. Pikachu hit Persian using a Thunderbolt and it ran away. Litten is injured and Ash decided to take Litten to the Pokemon Center. Regardless of the fact that it’s been biting and scratching him.

At the Center, Nurse Joy and Blissey placed a cone collar on Litten to prevent it from licking its wounds. Nurse Joy noticed that Ash had scratches as well so she treated him too. Then Litten started running again but couldn’t get away easily due to its collar. Later on Ash brough Litten to Kukui’s house for the night. The cone collar got really annoying for Litten so Ash decided to take it off. Then Litten became friendly to Ash. Ash started talking to it and soon Litten fell asleep.

While everyone was sleeping, Litten woke up and started running with the Sitrus Berry again. Ash was also awakened and he went after it. They arrived at the abandoned house where Stoutland is located. Ash apologized to Stoutland and finally decided not to catch Litten anymore. Then the Persian suddenly appeared when everyone was gathered outside. Litten hit it with a powerful Ember while Ash shielded Stoutland from the Persian. Because of this, he has more scratches than ever.

The following day, Ash went to the abandoned house again so he could give them some fruits and Berries. But alas, Litten and Stoutland weren’t there anymore. Later on in the marketplace, Ash gave back the fruits and Berries to the old lady when he saw Litten once again. It took one fruit and again started running.

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