Pokemon Sun And Moon Anime English Sub: US Release & Where You Can Watch Online

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The brand new anime series Pokemon Sun and Moon just debuted in Japan earlier this week. It was a perfect launch considering that the game version will be released on November 18. As fans in Asia get pumped up with a new storyline for the anime, viewers in the United States surely want to know when they can watch the show as well. Here is what we know so far.

On Thursday, the first two episodes of the series were released. The new show was very different from its predecessor Pokemon XY&Z, wherein Ash had looked mature already. In this new season, Ash and his mother are visiting the Alola region as they have won a vacation there.

Ash has a younger look and because of the Alola region, the environment is filled with bright colors. The lead character will enroll in a Pokemon school where he is expected to learn more about the Pokemons in the region. Also, the series will introduce new moves and Pokemon forms, which makes the show more interesting.

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Speaking of, Ash received his own Z-Ring from the Pokemon Tapu Koko in the latest installment. It gives Ash?s Pokemon the ability to use the Z-Move. According to reports, these are intense attacks that are way more powerful than the original ones. As curious as he could be, Ash will stay in Alola to discover the secrets of the region while his mom travels back home.

Obviously, fans in Japan are the first ones to watch the new series. Unfortunately, there is still no confirmation as to when the series will be available in the United States. The producers have not released an official statement yet but hopefully Pokemon Sun and Moon will arrive in the West soon.

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Meanwhile, for those who were not able to watch the first two episodes, there are several sites you can browse online. Although there are a bunch of them, be sure to stream the anime series on a safe website so you will not harm your computer.

How about you? What things excite you the most in this new series? Also, do you think Ash will finally become a champion in the Alola region? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. For more news and updates about Pokemon Sun and Moon, stay tuned here on the TheBitbag.

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