Pokemon Sun And Moon Anime English Sub Link: Fans Excited to Watch As Ash Conquers Alola

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon anime series has just premiered in Japan this Thursday. Now Twitter is filled with various reactions. Many did not fail to notice its new art style. It certainly has gotten a lot of people excited and looking for the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime English sub link online.

Apparently, Pok?mon Company?s U.K. outpost sees Pokemon Sun and Moon in a unique way. Fans from all over the world will be delighted to know that the first English-language trailer for the Sun and Moon series was already released.

?Sun and Moon Spoilers

In Sun and Moon, Ash and his mother are visiting the Alola region. They won a vacation there. Ash?s mom eventually leaves, but he opts to stay behind in Alola. The new art style of the cartoon adaptation of Pokemon Sun and Moon was filled with controversy.

Some fans were not used to seeing Ash in a more fluid look. He also looks younger. Alola, on the other hand, is colourful.

Some viewers may not be used to seeing these characters with their new look. It seems British and English-speaking audiences prefer their anime to be as serious as possible.

The majority, however, seems to appreciate the lighthearted comedy that the latest Pokemon Sun and Moon brings. Non-Japanese fans are surely excited to see the new full Pokemon Sun and Moon anime series.

Those who have already watched the trailer would agree that Ash and Pikachu?s adventure in the Alola region sounds melodramatic. Watch the first English-language trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon below.

For those who are looking for a Pokemon Sun And Moon Anime English sub link, we say it will be better to wait for the official air date for Sun and Moon in the US. It?s actually set to premiere in Disney XD in December.

For the meantime, you can watch the lively opening below as you gear yourself for both the anime?s premiere and the games themselves.

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