Pokemon Sun and Moon: Alola Dragonite Leaked? All Gen 1 Alola Versions Ruled Out So Far

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Ever since Alolan versions of the original monsters were announced for Pokemon Sun and Moon, fans have been going crazy with regard to who will get a new form in the next announcement trailer. Some fans thought that the developers might have teased new Alola forms for Dragonite, but that does not appear to be the case, as it seems like the regular version of the dragon-type will remain the same.

Speculation on the Alolan Dragonite started when fans noticed that the Japanese website of the two games showcased Dragonite and other original Pokemon. This got fans talking about the possibility of having an Alolan version of Dragonite, joining Raichu, Marowak and others. Fans, especially those on YouTube, thought this would lead to a surprise reveal, but that isn’t the case.

International Business Times confirmed that these Pokemon would not be getting Alolan versions in Pokemon Sun and Moon but would simply be making appearances in the game. It seems like not all of the Pokemon from the original 151 will be in the two new games, which makes sense since the developers have to focus on the new Pokemon as well.

While Pokemon X and Y were big hits, it was tough trying to find new Pokemon due to the staggering amount of older monsters in the game. Creatures from Red, Blue, Gold, Silver and more were in those two games, which was great for nostalgic fans but not too good for those who wanted to see a ton of new Pokemon.

Sun and Moon might follow a similar pattern, but not including every Pokemon from the original 151 is a good move, especially since fans who downloaded the eShop versions of the first three Gameboy games can transfer their Pokemon to the two new titles. Trades can also be made with the previous 3DS Pokemon games, so fans should be able to get all of their old Pokemon.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are slated for a November 18 release on the 3DS. The two games will also be playable on the 2DS and New 3DS. Fans can expect more news to come, since these titles are still a few months away.


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