Pokemon Sun And Moon 4chan Leaks: New Details You Should Know

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon leaks have surfaced after players on 4chan started revealing in-game details. The wave of new details could potentially help players progress faster and fumble less in the games once they?re released on November 18. Here are some new Pokemon Sun and Moon details you should know.

Slow Pokemon Starters

According to a video from Kaphotics, the 7th Generation Pokemon starters have low speed stats, from their base form to final evolutions. Low speed stats mean that they almost always lose in turn priority. Potentially, this could mean that they?ll just let the enemy make the attack or ability first before they do their moves. In the long run, your Pokemon could faint before they can even move, which is mostly a problem in competitive Pokemon settings. However, it is also annoying in casual play as your Pokemon may often faint before the final blow in trainer battles. Potentially, this Pokemon Sun and Moon leak may dampen Rowlett?s popularity for the competitive fans. [Update: the video has now been removed due to copyright infrigement]

Good 7th Generation Pokemon

As seen on Lurantis? posts on 4chan, the Pokemon Sun and Moon leaks have shown good 7th Generation Pokemon. Lurantis has posted info about Wishiwashi?s school form, Toucannon, Salazzle, and the Lurantis Pokemon. Meanwhile, it?s possible that Lurantis will keep updating the fans with the stats of the 7th Generation Pokemon. If you like their stats, make sure to catch one of these Pokemon if you find them.

Decidueye?s ?Z-Move

Additionally, Decidueye?s Z-Move and Sinister Arrow Raid are also part of Luratis? Pokemon Sun and Moon leak. As seen on the description, Decidueye?s Z-Move is a Ghost type which is helpful against Psychic and other Ghost types. Additionally, Decidueye?s Ghost typing allows it to ignore Normal and Physical moves which make it a good starting pick for new players.

For now, Pokemon Sun and Moon fans are still waiting for more leaks. You can either go directly to 4chan and browse through threads and find new posts from Lurantis or other early players. Alternatively, you can opt to wait for Pokemon fans like Philly Beatty on Twitter to talk about and post Pokemon Sun and Moon leaks. Stay updated with more Pokemon Sun and Moon news here on The BitBag.

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