Pokemon Sun And Moon: 10 Hour Gameplay Video Of Full Game Leaks Online!

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There have been countless numbers of videos and leaks ever since the Pokemon Sun and Moon were revealed. Some were just fan-made at first. But now, more people have gotten their hands on the game, causing more and more video leaks showing legitimate?Pokemon Sun and Moon gameplay and story?leaks.

The very first Pokemon game, if you recall, is basically simple to understand and easy to navigate. The graphics are a little pixelated, but the gameplay was a bit more advanced. You have a map, you look for Pokemon, you catch them, you fight using them and finally you complete the game. This is an easy method of gaming but very addictive and satisfying. But what made the players stay longer in the game rather than finishing it as soon as they can was the ?catch them all? mentality.

Now with Pokemon Sun and Moon trending, there has been several legitimate gameplay leaks on YouTube, including a nearly 10-hour video gameplay leak. Pokemon Sun and Moon?captures the?original concept of the game but in a 3D style of environment with crisp and colorful hues. Also, the battle play is more personalized. The enemies have their own method and style that makes each battle interesting. They even move according to their character and personality.

Furthermore, the navigation for the map is more exploratory than before. It?s not just your average up, down, left, and right control. You can now navigate your character in all directions possible. To top it off, it is now easier to find Pokemon in the grass because you can now see the grass rustling when a Pokemon is there.

The Pokemon themselves are more animated now when they fight. Although they still do not make contact with each other, you can clearly see when they attack. If they get defeated, they actually faint or are placed in a PokeBall.

These are just a few before and after comparisons of the former Pokemon games and the recent Pokemon Sun and Moon. But it all depends on the player’s taste and preference whether this new Pokemon will be a hit or a miss.

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