Pokemon Sun and Moon News: Z-Ring and Evolved Starter Pokemon

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

Some Pokemon Sun and Moon fans are intrigued on what the Z-Ring is. Long-story-short, it is a device that TOMY International will be releasing right after the release of Game Freak?s new role playing games.

What is Z-Ring?

Last sunday, the Japanese Pokemon website has been updated. It revealed and showcased the device named, Z-Ring along with its essential accessories, the Z-crystals. It is apparent that the company only shared a portion of information to U.S, compared to the Japanese players.

Nintendo stated that the main function of the said device is to amplify or improved the experience when it comes to 4D. Pokemon?s marketing and licensing company indicated that the Z-Ring will give the players a taste of a realistic Pokemon battle.

What does Z-Ring actually do?

Z-Ring will let the players experience how the their Pokemon?s special attacks vibrate, looks sounds. The device would give the players a real world Pokemon battle experience by releasing Vibrations, Lights and sounds that is synchronized to the Pokemon inside the game.

Pokemon Sun and Moon?s Z-Ring set will include six Z-crystals pre-installed. However, it is unsure if it will be available internationally. If it does, it may only come with only 3 Z-crystals out of the box.

What?s in the box and how much

Rumors speculate, that the ring set is priced at $30.00 on Amazon, and will only include three Z-Crystals along with a Pikachu action figure. Completing the set will also be difficult, the set has 15 variation of Z-Crystals.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

Nintendo France revealed the starter Pokemon evolution

This may be a lucky time for fans that are waiting for the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon. A official starter evolutions might?ve been revealed by Nintendo themselves. A tweet from Nintendo France have caused a speculations about the starter evolution for Pokemon Sun and Moon.

The tweet from Nintendo France translates to Nintendo asking their fans on their opinion about the appearance of the starter Pokemon Litten, Popplio and Rowlet. The game Pokemon Sun and Moon is due to release on November 18th this year and will be exclusive for Nintendo 3DS


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