Pokemon Sun And Moon Zygarde Complete Forme Stats Leaked! Only Has High HP?

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

Recently, the Pokemon Sun and Moon leaks confirmed Zygarde?s Complete Forme stats. So far, Zygarde?s Complete Forme?s main strength is a significantly strong Health. Here?s what we know so far about the Pokemon Sun and Moon Zygarde?s complete form.

High Health Pokemon

According to a video from Kaphotics, Zygarde?s complete forme has a high base Health stat at 216. Potentially, Zygarde can tank damage with that high Health. His 121 Defense and 95 Defense should be decent enough to take damage. Additionally, his Dragon-Ground Pokemon typing should be good enough to resist most attacks in the game. If you ever catch Zygarde in Pokemon Sun and Moon, you can rely on Zygarde to soak damage for your team. [Update: Kaphotics’ video has now been turned private]


Despite being a tanky Pokemon, Zygarde?s Dragon-Ground typing makes him twice as weak to Ice attacks. Players should opt to take Zygarde out of the battle if they ever face an Ice-type or a Pokemon equipped with Ice attacks in general.

Additionally, Zygarde?s 85 Speed stat lies near the ?slow? speed of the 7th Generation Starter Pokemon. Potentially, Zygarde could repeatedly take damage from speedier Pokemon. In competitive settings, Zygarde could easily be harassed with specific setups that could deny him of attack turns. Meanwhile, casual players could get frustrated being on the losing side of crucial turns and being denied turns.

No Sweat for Casual Players

Despite Zygarge?s Speed problems, casual Pokemon Sun and Moon players will have no problems with him if they level it up high enough. Optional Boss fights after the main Pokemon league will be slightly easy if you max out your Pokemon first. To avoid experiencing your Pokemon?s downsides, players often level up one or a few of their Pokemon to Level 100 and steamroll on any NPC trainer battle in the overworld. This tactic may not be optimal for climbing Battle Tower and competitive ranks, but it works if you just want to experience the game casually. Players should opt to max out Pokemon Sun and Moon Zygarde and other Pokemon they want to use, and it?ll just be fine. Stay updated with more Pokemon Sun and Moon news here on TheBitBag.

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