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Pokemon Sun and Moon Update: Pokemon Bank Update Coming This Month

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Update

Pokemon Sun and Moon is the latest versions in the very popular Pokemon video game series. The latest games have taken the world by storm which is why many gamers are enjoying it today. Gamers who have been playing previous versions of the game are undoubtedly familiar with the popular Pokemon Bank app. Now, they will be able to use it very soon. This comes as the Pokemon Bank is set to have an upcoming update that will add compatibility with Pokemon Sun and Moon.

The Pokemon Bank is a very helpful service that has been extremely popular. It allows players to place Pokemon that they have caught in internet-based storage. This allows them to store the Pokemon they have caught online so that in the event that they lose their copy of the game they will not have to start from scratch.

At the moment, the Pokemon Bank is available for Pokemon Omega Ruby, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. It is currently not yet available for Pokemon Sun and Moon but that is expected to change later this month.

Pokemon Bank Update for Pokemon Sun and Moon Compatibility

Pokemon Sun and Moon Update

According to the Pokemon Sun and Moon website, the Pokemon Bank will receive an update this January 2017. The update will allow the app to be compatible with Pokemon Sun and Moon. This means that players of the latest games will finally be able to store their favorite Pokemon in the Pokemon Bank.

There is a catch when transferring Pokemon from other games though. The same post mentions that Pokemon which are transferred from the other Pokemon games to Pokemon Sun and Moon cannot be transferred back to the original games.

Another thing which gamers should take note of is that only Pokemon may be deposited in the Pokemon Bank. Any items that a Pokemon has will be sent back to the game where it came from.

Surely, many gamers are already excited about the Pokemon Bank update for compatibility with Pokemon Sun and Moon. There is no specific date yet for the update but expect Game Freak to provide an update as soon as it is available.

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