Pokemon Sun and Moon Ultra Beasts Exclusive, Daytime and Nighttime

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

After the leaked images of the new Pokemon Sun and Moon Ultra Beasts from CoroCoro, images of the evolved stage of the new Pokemon Rockruff also came out. More details about the upcoming game has surfaced to give the players an idea on what to expect from the game.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Clarified by Reddit User

The new details about the upcoming game came from Reddit user Dragon_Fang. The Reddit user took the time to shed some light on a couple of things which may have caused some confusion to fans.

To clear the leaked information brought by the Japanese magazine, Dragon_Fang clarified how the version-exclusive features and Pokemon work. The Reddit user also clarified what Time really does in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

Ultra Beasts Exclusive

Fang also discussed how the two leaked Ultra Beasts differ from each other. As Fang said, the two leaked Ultra Beasts will be a version exclusive. UB-02 will only appear in Pokemon Moon, while UB-02 Expansion will appear in Pokemon Sun.

However, what Fang said is yet to be confirmed. The exclusivity of the two beasts are still uncertain, but has also stated the same thing. also shared the same theory and stated that the information they have is from CoroCoro itself.

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Thanks to the Japanese magazine, has also learned a few things. It is apparent that UB-02 Expansion?s body is a weapon, a dangerous one, for that matter. Meanwhile, UB-02 Beauty uses its beauty to charm or hypnotize other Pokemon in order to win.

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Nighttime and Daytime

Rockruff is also likely to have only one evolved form. However, its appearance will depend on the time of the evolution of the Puppy. Hence, the Midday form can make an appearance in Pokemon Moon, while the midnight form can also appear in Pokemon Sun.

Players should also take note that Pokemon Sun and Moon will have their own day and night cycle. However, Fang stated that the idea that it?s always daytime in Pokemon Sun and nighttime in Pokemon Moon is incorrect.

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