Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters: Final Evolutions Revealed In Pokedex Leak?

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

Fans just can?t seem to get enough of Pokemon, and we?re not talking about Pokemon GO this time around. The next gen of Pokemon set to debut in Pokemon Sun and Moon was apparently leaked, and fans could already check out the names of the upcoming creatures. Like past Pokemon RPGs, fans are probably excited for the final evolutions of the starters, and the leak probably hinted as to what Litten, Popplio and Rowlet will look like in the end.

This 4chan thread allegedly contains the leaked the names of the next gen of Pokemon which total to 103 all in all. Pokemon Sun and Moon is filled with exciting Pokemon, but none could be more exciting than the final evolution of the starters: Robinroot, Beltigre and Sirene.

Without an actual look at the final evolution of the starter Pokemon, some fans relied on concept art before to see what they?ll look like, but the names suggest that the concept art of the three starters are closer to reality.

Heavy reports that concept arts of the final evolutions were leaked before the entire gen 7 roster was revealed. The concept art showed Rowlet evolving to an archer, Litten to a wrestler and Popplio to a siren. The recent leaks only strengthened the probability of the concept art coming true, thanks to the names.

Robinroot is obviously a wordplay of Robin Hood, who we all know is an excellent archer. Beltigre, on the other hand, sounds like a homage to Mexican wrestlers or Luchadors. Meanwhile, Sirene is a wordplay of siren.

The final evolution types of the Pokemon Sun and Moon starters were also leaked before. Popplio will become water/fighting, Rowlet will become grass/flying and Litten will become fire/ground. With the recent concept art, it looks like Rowlet?s final type is spot on. As for Litten, chances are it?ll be another fire/fighting starter, but we aren?t entirely sure about Popplio?s though.

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