Pokemon Sun And Moon Review: Impressions From Early Players As Full Game Download Links Leak Online

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

Recently, download links?of Pokemon Sun and Moon have circulated online. Early players have already gave their opinions and impressions on the upcoming games. Here?s a quick Pokemon Sun and Moon review from the early players.

Early Reviews

Early?players voiced out their opinions about the game on?4chan. According to post No.29808324, the game?s battles are supposedly as easy as the previous 6th generation, namely the XY and ORAS games. The game?s story and writing are also good in Pokemon Sun and Moon. However, the games still feel like they?re holding your hand throughout the series but in less obvious ways. The exploration is somehow improved due to the 3D setting and the absence of a grid-based movement. Most of the Anonymous posts in the thread generally lean to positive experience and they also point out some design road bumps.

Cutscene Gripes

According to trialblos1?s thread on the Pokemon reddit, entering rooms may trigger cutscenes before you know it. Reddit user trialblos1 notes the foresight of the old Pokemon game?s layout as it allows the players to Save before they do an important battle. Potentially,?players who casually tread on may trigger scheduled cutscenes if they aren?t careful. Players may want to prematurely save before entering rooms or particular Route borders to avoid triggering cutscenes which could have important choices.

Online Copies?

According to the technophonix1?s thread on the Pokemon Reddit, the Pokemon Sun and Moon leaks aren?t just in-game information but also include the game?s ROM itself. Getting your hands on the Pokemon Sun and Moon ROM means you have an illegal copy of the game. Download links are prohibited on the thread, so you won?t find one in there. Despite the absence of download links, this still confirms?copies of the game circulating online. Early?players may have used these copies to leak out a large amount of in-game information before the release.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be released this coming November 18. Most of the games? information have been leaked, but take them as guides as they may not be from the full build of the games.?

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