Pokemon Sun and Moon Post Game Content Is Disappointing?

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With the anticipated release of the newest franchise of the Pokemon game, there are huge expectations to meet. As the new-generation Pokemon game, did Pokemon Sun and Moon live up to these said expectations especially with the Pokemon Sun and Moon post game content?

Pokemon Sun and Moon seems to be shorter as compared to the other Pokemon franchises. By shorter, we mean there?s less of everything — from the story, to Pokemon catching, up to the very end of the game. It looks like the latest Pokemon game might have cut some corners when it comes to the Pokemon Sun and Moon post game content.

The Pokemon franchise is known for its end game twists and?content. Usually, players look forward to what?s in store for them after they have finished the game.

But for Pokemon Sun and Moon, it looks like this is not the case as compared to the previous Pokemon games. The said Pokemon game seems to be lacking in its end game portion. The battle tree is also small compared to the previous titles.

According to a Reddit post by u/gamemaker14, there is something lacking in end game play as compared to the first Pokemon game versions. The post also stated that all there is in the end game are just a ?few battles, item collection and the Zygarde cells/cubes collect-a-thon.? So basically, after you catch the ultra beasts, the aforementioned options will remain your only choices for the endgame play.

Maybe it would be a lot better if there was like an after-quest endgame to finish gen 7 with a big bang. Since there are rumors spreading around about Sun and Moon having a connection with Kanto region, the game could further branch out the endgame by adding a ?return to Kanto” twist. It would be fun to return to Kanto and battle other Pokemon trainers as an endgame. It’s also possible we will see this in Pokemon Stars to some extent.

At the end of the day, the players will be the ones to decide if they had a pleasant or terrible time with Pokemon Sun and Moon. Let us just all be grateful that the Pokemon team are still doing their best to make our Poke-experience a memorable one with each game they give us, even if it cost a bitter Pokemon Sun and Moon post game content.

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