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Pokemon Sun and Moon: New Stats, Ultra Beasts, Story Leaks

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

Despite the nearing release of Pokemon Sun and Moon, some people are still leaking tons of new detail. The game is due to release on November 18, 2016 but some players claimed that they already came across a legitimate early copy.

As a result, tons of pictures, stats, story, and other details have been released to the public. Additionally, a YouTuber named Kaphotics has returned with yet another series of leaked information.

Pokemon Sun and Moon: Video Leaks

Kaphotics is also involved in the previous Pokedex leaks that data miners found buried in the game demo last month. Furthermore, the videos below shows the types and stats of almost every new Pokemon in the game.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

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As can be seen, people who are trying to get a head start in Pokemon Sun and Moon might find this videos helpful. In that case, choosing a starter Pokemon will be a lot easier as their stats are already provided below.

The Pokemon stated below are the ones that players will encounter throughout the game. Hence, players can now decide which one is worth catching and which one to leave behind.

In addition, there?s also a few legendaries which are found by none other than Kapothics. The video below provides an almost three minutes of informative footage about multiple rare Pokemon.

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The video below shows Ultra Beasts. In addition, their stats and move sets are also provided.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Reddit Leaks

As for the story spoilers, it can be found on Reddit. In fact, legendary Pokemon and Ultra Beasts are also up for discussion.

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Furthermore, some players somehow reached the later parts of Pokemon Sun and Moon. In fact, there is a discussion regarding the nature of the Elite Four. On the other hand, the game has been more vulnerable to leaks since their announcement way back in February.

As can be seen, efforts made by Nintendo to stop the data miners? leaks are insufficient. Hopefully, Pokemon Sun and Moon still has a lot to offer despite the major leaks.

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