Pokemon Sun And Moon Trailer, More Pokemon Revealed Plus New A New Team

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Gamefreak and Nintendo just released a new teaser video of their new Pokemon game, Pokemon: Sun and Moon. In the said trailer, they?ve highlighted new Pokemon species and a new team to rival the main character. They also revealed various Alola versions of known Pokemon.

Here are some of the new Pokemon species in the new teaser video.


A water-type Pokemon that looks like a tamed Magicarp. However, do not be lulled by its calm demeanor. Once this cute little bugger reaches a certain level, it will learn a new ability called ?Schooling?. Once activated, the Wishiwashi transforms into a very mean killing machine. The school form of this Pokemon can take up a Gyarados for breakfast. It sure will get your opponents properly ?schooled?. Excuse the pun.


The Pyukumuku is another water-type Pokemon. In the video, there is not a lot of excitement going on with it apart from getting its internals inside-out when provoked. This little urchin is too cute to miss.

Pokemon Sun And Moon

Pokemon: Sun and Moon


This grass-fairy hybrid Pokemon is the third specie announced in the video. This Pokemon, which looked more like a bulb of garlic with spores for a toupee can make its opponents fall asleep with its Effect Spore ability.

Apart from new Pokemon, the teaser trailer also showcased a new team, Team Skull. Headed by Guzma, a reject who just happen to become a team captain, Team Skull will serve as the games? main antagonist. Together with Plumeria, Team Skull?s admin, and the grunts, they will surely be there to spoil your day.

The teaser also revealed Alola forms of Meowth, Marowak and Raichu. Meowth looked a bit too coy in the Alola version. Marowak is pretty impressive and fierce with its flaming bone club. Raichu, on the other hand, looked more like a Hawaiian surfer-dude , especially when it uses its ?Surge Surf? ability.

Gamefreak and Nintendo are due to release the Pokemon: Sun and Moon on the 3DS mid-November. Prior to that, there have been talks about releasing a manga?based on the game a month before the game?s release.

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