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Pokemon Sun And Moon Island Scan Global Event: Two Failed Missions In A Row

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Pokemon Sun And Moon

Previously, Game Freak rolled out a Pokemon Sun and Moon event that asked its community to capture 1 million Pokemon using the Island Scan feature. However, the fans seem to be nowhere near the goal as the event deadline closes in. Here’s what we know so far about this Pokemon Sun and Moon global event.

1,000,000 Island Scan Pokemon

According to the official Pokemon site, players are tasked to catch 1,000,000 Pokemon through the Island Scan system. The new system uses QR codes that contain Pokemon that sometimes aren’t native to the Alola Island and 7th Pokemon Generation. Despite the interesting rewards in using the Island Scan system, the players don’t seem to be near to closing the 1 million goal as players have only acquired around 600,000 as of writing. The event ends on January 9.

Lesser Event Rewards

At best, Pokemon Sun and Moon Island Scan global event will only give 217 festival points to its participants if they do fail the event. Players who’ve registered on the Pokemon Global Link service will have it doubled to 434 points. Pokémon Sun and Moon’s developers aimed to celebrate the New Year and reward the players with the 2017 points if they succeed in the event. However, the players won’t seem to be getting that 2017 festival points anytime soon.

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Second Failed Event

Previously, the first Pokemon Sun and Moon global event asked its players to capture 100,000,000 Pokemon within two weeks. The players failed and didn’t get the international reward for the event as they only managed to get less than 20,000,000. Meanwhile, the players are about to fail the second event too despite the lower goal.

At best, the two failed events might just be a lack of oversight of the Pokemon Sun and Moon developers. It’s possible that the majority of their fans are already busy exhausting the end-game content than catching random Pokemon on sight. Casual players may not want to repeat catching Pokemon they already have. Meanwhile, the Hardcore players opt to go for breeding than catching another one. It’s possible that the next Pokemon Sun and Moon event won’t be too high due to players not reaching the first two event goals.

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