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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: Z-Moves & Z-Crystals Explained, All Z-Moves Revealed [LEAKED VIDEO]

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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide
Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide

Pokemon Sun and Moon has come a long way from its past games. It may even turn out to be the most innovative Pokemon game to come out yet with all the new game changes and features being done to it.

And with so much new things needed to be learned, we?re here to help you make sense of all the new features Pokemon Sun and Moon has to offer. And in this article, we?ll be shedding light on the all new Z-Moves and Z-Crystals.

Z-Moves ?

Remember how awesome it was when your Pikachu learned Thunderbolt? Didn?t it feel one of a kind, since you barely encountered any other Pokemon in Pokemon Red that could use Thunder Bolt? Z-moves takes that concept and upgrades it.

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A Z-Move is essentially a powerful ability that can be used by a specific Pokemon type. Some Pokemon go a step above by having a Z-Move that only they can do. Yes, Pokemon can have an ?ultimate move? now. And just as a real ultimate move, Z-Moves are a Pokemon?s Ace, they can only be used once in a battle.

There are 18 Z-Crystals that correspond to the 18 Pokemon types such as Grass, Electric, and Fire.


Now before you start thinking of a game plan that revolves around the awesome Z-Moves, you need to understand that you can?t just spam them at will. You need Z-Crystals. And Z-Crystals come in limited supply.



Some Z-Moves are only available for certain Pokemon. Different Z-Moves come with different prerequisites. An example would be Snorlax, he needs to know Giga Impact beforehand and have a Snorlium-Z Z-Crystal to be able to do his Z-Move.

It?s also important to note that you won?t be able to pull off Z-Moves as soon as you start the game. You will need a Z-Ring. But don?t worry about it too much, you?ll eventually come across this as you progress in the storyline.

We have a video below of all the Z-Moves confirmed so far. If you want to go into the specifics, we have a list of all the confirmed and speculated ones currently known.

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Z-Moves List & Type

Breakneck Blitz (Normal)

Maximum Psy-Breaker (Psychic-)

All-Out Pummelling (Fighting)

Hydro Vortex (Water)

Bloom Doom (Grass)

Never-Ending Nightmare (Ghost)

Ultimate Dragon Burn (Dragon)

Inferno Overdrive (Fire)

Gigavolt Havoc (Electric)


Pok?mon-Specific Z-Moves

Pikachu– Catastropika. ?

Primarina — Oceanic Operetta. ?

Snorlax — Pulverizing Pancake. ?

Alola’s Guardian Deities — Guardian of Alola.

Incineroar — Malicious Moonsault. ?

Alolan Raichu – Stoked Sparksurfer.

Decidueye — Sinister Arrow Raid. ???

Eevee — Extreme Evoboost. ?

Note that some of the Z-Moves for certain Pokemon types have yet to be confirmed while the Pokemon specific Z-Moves are the ones confirmed so far. More Z-Moves are expected to be revealed or leaked in the coming days. Stay tuned with all the Z-Move updates with us!
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