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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: Primarina In Depth Starter Guide

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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide
Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide

Pokemon Sun And Moon is finally out and if you?re reading this then odds are you?ve got your eyes set on Primarina. This Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide will help you decide if Primarina is worth it.

Primarina may look a little gentle with its very feminine features. But don?t let its looks fool you. You learn in a bit just how much of a beast this Pokemon can actually be.


Type: Water/Fairy

Damaged Normally by (- x1): Normal type, Flying type, Ground type, Rock type, Ghost type, Steel type, Psychic type, and Fairy type

Weak to (- x2): Poison type, Grass type, and Electric type

Immune to (x0): Dragon type

Resistant to (-x1/2): Fighting type, Bug, Fire type, Water type, Ice type, and Dark type

Primarina is lucky with its weaknesses. Grass and Electric types aren?t as common as other Pokemon types. But Poison types will be a threat that you should be on the lookout for.

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Fairy Offensive:

Deals x2 Damage to: Dark, Dragon, and Fight

Deals x1/2 Damage to: Fire, Poison, and Steel


Water Offensive

Deals x2 Damage to: Fire, Ground, and Rock

Deals x1/2 Damage to: Dragon, Grass, and Water

Overall, Primarina?s offensive coverage is pretty balanced. It?s a Pokemon that can be pretty effective against a good number of Pokemon types.


HP: 80

ATK: 74

DEF: 74

SA: 126

SD: 116

SPE: 60

Primarina is literally a very special Pokemon. It has both very high Special Attack at 126, and Special Defence at 116. The result? Primarina can obliterate most Pokemon with its special moves and can actually withstand powerful move types that it is weak against.


Sparkling Aria: Primarina?s signature move is Sparkling Aria. The signature move comes at 90 water base power with the ability to remove burns.

This move has a big AOE attack, with the ability to hit all adjacent Pokemon, including your allies. Sparkling Aria is already a pretty strong move but with its ability to hit multiple targets, it?s now a phenomenal one team play.

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Other Moves: Primarina has a good roster of alternative moves. And the majority of them all hit very hard. Moves that shine with sheer special attack damage are: Moon Blast, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, and Hydro Pump. At the same time, Primarina has a good number of useful utility skills such as Charm, Psych Up, Aromatic Mist, and Amnesia.

Z-Move Oceanic Operetta: Primarina is already sporting a lot of powerful moves under its belt, and its Z-Move is another great damage dealing one. Oceanic Operetta is actually the strongest Z-Move out of the three starter Pokemon with a 195 base power. Talk about overkill.

Overall, Primarina is a Pokemon that can hit hard with a skill like Moon blast that can easily take down majority if not all mid-tier Pokemon. Moon Blast with Primarina?s great Special Attack is even formidable compared to many tanky Pokemon.

And although Primarina is not a ?true? tank with it?s average health and defence, it?s high Special Defence essentially makes it tanky. How tanky? A Super Effective hit of Thunderbolt on Primarina is survivable. That?s how tanky Primarina?s Special defence is.

So should you pick Primarina? If you love it and you want to be competitive, then Primarina is a solid starter Pokemon who could help bring you to the top. It hits really hard and it can take a hit as well. Primarina teaches us to not judge a book by its cover in Pokemon Sun And Moon.

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