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Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: Easy Trick To Boost Your Pokemon’s Happiness

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Pokemon sun and moon guide

Some players don?t want to spend hours brushing their Pokemon to help it evolve. Fortunately, this Pokemon Sun and Moon guide will help players boost their Pokemon?s happiness pretty easily.

According to Reddit user Leafeon111, he has discovered an eminently easy trick to hasten any Pokemon happiness cycle. Hence, it will boost a few Pokemon that evolve based on happiness such as Pichi and Munchlax.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: A Happy Pokemon To A Strong Pokemon

Pokemon sun and moon guide

First, the players are required to get two TMs that a Pokemon can learn, it doesn?t matter which. Second, players must teach them one of the TM moves. Third, switch the move with the other TM move.

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Players should repeat the steps stated above as many as it should until the Pokemon is happy enough to evolve. In addition, there?s an NPC located in the market of Konikoni City that will keep track the Pokemon?s happiness.

On the other hand, players who have been out of the game for a while must not restrict themselves from buying all those TMs. That being said, these TMs can be used infinitely since the release of Pokemon Black and White.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: QR Scanner Codes

Pokemon Sun and Moon players may have already noticed the QR scanner using the Nintendo 3DS camera. Hence, scanning QR codes out in the world will land the players a reward. However, it appears that players can scan any QR codes and the game will still read it.

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Even if the QR data has nothing to do with the game, it will still generate some numbers and give the players something. In fact, Pokedex has its own unique QR code that will help the players fill their Pokedex.

Obviously, when a Pokemon is already registered in the Pokedex it will also say where this specific Pokemon might spawn. In addition, the players are able to run an Island Scan every 10 QR scans that will help the players locate rare Pokemon species.

For more Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide, stay tuned to TheBitBag.

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