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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: Incineroar In Depth Starter Guide

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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide:
Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide:

Pokemon Sun and Moon is finally out and if you?re lucky enough to already have the game in the palm of your hands, then you?re probably worrying about which starter to go with. This Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide will help you decide if Incineroar is a good starter. We?re here to tell you that if you want a Pokemon that?s strong enough to carry you to the top, then Incineroar is your best bet.

We?ll show you that Incineroar doesn?t just look badass, it really is one as well. Boasting both phenomenal strength and defense, keep scrolling to see what makes Incineroar such a great starter Pokemon!


Type: Fire/Dark

Damaged Normally by (- x1): Normal type, Flying type, Poison type, Bug type, Electric type, Dragon type, and Fairy type

Weak to (- x2): Fighting type, Ground type, Rock type, and Water type

Immune to (x0): Psychic type

Resistant to (- x1/2): Ghost type, Steel type, Fire type, Grass type, Ice type, Dark type

Good Synergy, Fire is good against, Bug and Fairy types while

Water is a problem and ground is a problem.

All in all, Incineroar is very well balanced defensively.

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Fire Offensive:

Deals x2 Damage to: Bug, Grass, Ice, Steel

Deals x1/2 Damage to: Dragon, Fire, Rock, Water


Dark Offensive

Deals x2 Damage to: Ghost, and Psychic

Deals x1/2 Damage to: Dark, Fairy, and Fight

Fire is great against many Pokemon types. Dark doesn?t add too much but the two types will give Incineroar more Pokemon enemy types to abuse.


HP: 95

ATK: 115

DEF: 90

SA: 80

SD: 90

SPE: 60

Incineroar has monstrous stats. He?s very tanky with 90s in both HP and DEF automatically making Incineroar tankier than most Pokemon. But Incineroar isn?t just tanky, he also has pretty good damage with an ATK of 115.

The only thing that brings Incineroar?s stats down is SPE. But with great HP, DEF, and ATK, this is a very fair trade off. If Incineroar had more speed, then no one might bother with the other two starter Pokemon.

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Darkest Lariat: Incineroar?s signature move Darkest Lauriat is phenomenal. It?s quite similar to Crunch the classic go to physical/dark type attack. But it greatly improves on it. It has a higher base damage of 85 points and it even ignores your enemy?s stat changes.

You can basically wreck any enemy no matter how high they?ve buffed their stats throughout the battle. This is a pretty OP offensive move.

The rest of Incineroar?s learnable moves are pretty standard. Basically, the moves you would expect from his Pokemon Type. What?s important to note is the fact that you have many offensive move options with Incineroar.

Z-Move Malicious Moonsault: 180 base power. It?s a cool looking wrestling Z-Move but it?s not exactly great. It dishes out an okay damage but that?s about it. It may not be a game changer but it is definitely not worthless.

Overall, Incineroar is a powerhouse. The great defensive ability, decent damage, and great signature move makes this Pokemon a real force of nature. Darkest Lauriat can easily take out average tier Pokemon and even speedy but frail Pokemon.

Incineroar can also easily hold its own against Pokemon with great damage or health. Overall, Incineroar barely has any cons and is full of great pros. You?d be hard pressed to pass on this Pokemon if you?re aiming to be competitive.

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