Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: Farm Infinite Beast Balls

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pokemon sun and moon guide

A new Pokemon Sun and Moon guide is surfacing on the Internet. Day by day new guides rule out the fans. These guides are provided by skilled players of Pokemon sun and moon and are extremely helpful for the new players to be better at the game.

Besides, the company Nintendo is also offering helpful guidance for the players to enhance their gaming experience. Here is a new guide for Pokemon sun and moon which will help you to farm infinite beast balls in the game.

How to Farm Infinite Beast Balls in Pokemon sun and moon

It is very easy to get the infinite number of beast balls in the game. The foremost thing you need to do is to get rid of your existing beast balls. You will have to share your beast balls with your Pokemon.

To give beast balls to your Pokemon, open your game, go to the items tab, select your beast balls and choose a Pokemon and click on ?give? button. Then the next step the player needs to do is go and see the locker at his hotel on Route 8 or Route 2. Then choose the ?Tell me about beast balls? dialogue. Then the player will receive one if his inventory is empty.

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pokemon sun and moon guide

Importance of Beast Balls in Pokemon sun and Moon

The fact is the player can repeat this process as many times as he wants. In this way, he can get an infinite number of beast balls by sharing his beast ball with all the Pokemon in the game. This method is extremely helpful if the player failed to get hidden beast balls.

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Beast balls are very helpful for the players to catch the ultra beast in the game. At that time, if the player is running out of beast balls, then he may lose the game. Indeed, it may not be a helpful tip for the trainers, but it will make the game easy.

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