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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: Decidueye In Depth Starter Guide

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Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide
Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide

Pokemon Sun And Moon is finally out! And if you?re reading this article, then odds are, you are looking for a Pokemon Sun and Moon guide. Here is the rundown?on Decidueye if you choose it as your starter.

We have all the info for you on Decidueye and by the end of this article you will be confident on your decision to either choose or leave Decidueye. If you?re planning to be a competitive player, well we have some bad news for you. Let?s just say Decidueye has a wide variety of problems.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: Decidueye

Type: Grass/Ghost

Damaged normally by (- x1): Poison, Rock, Bug, Steel, Psychic, Dragon, Fairy

Weakness to: Flying type (- x2): Ghost type, Fire Type, Ice Type, Dark Type.

Immune to (-x0): Normal type, and Fighting Type.

Resistant to (- x1/2): Ground type, Water type, Grass type and Electric Type

Decidueye has a lot of problems just based on it?s Pokemon type. Decidueye is weak against many types and especially against Fire, Ice, and Ghost.

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Grass Offensive:

Deals x2 Damage to: Ground, Rock, Water

Deals x2 Damage to: Ghost, and Psychic

Deals x1/2 Damage to: Bug, Dragon, Fire, Flying, Grass, and Poison.


Ghost Offensive

Deals x1/2 Damage to: Dark

*A lot of pokemon that we are weak against are on the rise, common and can do serious damage


HP: 78

ATK: 107

DEF: 75

SA: 100

SD: 100

SPE: 70

When this Pokemon was leaked, it was awesome. When the datamine stats came out, those who looked into it were sad. The stats are bad.

HP & ATK are just average. Speed is below Average.

Slightly Tanky. But it can?t compensate for being slow. Most pokemon outspeed you and will subject you to super effective hits on the first clash.

ATK & SA. Your atk isn?t great. You can dish out good damage and you will get beaten up.

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Spirit Shackle: One good thing. Signature ghost move and 80 physical move. Stat & Decent damage and it prevents switching.

But the problem is, most Pokemon can handle Decidueye so this awesome signature move isn?t very practical more than half of the time.

Long Reach: Enemy Pokemon cannot make contact. Its great, but having just one great skill is not enough to pull up all Decidueye?s flaws.

Other Moves: Nothing really stands out. Curse, Haze, and Defog.

Z-Move Sinister Arrow Raid: 180 base power & ghost typing

Overall, Decidueye needs some buffs. It?s not a totally bad Pokemon, but it is incredibly underwhelming for a starter one. Decidueye can?t two hit KO a lot of the other Pokemon. Even average Pokemon, Weavile can stand against it. The worst part is, Decidueye doesn?t have a good chance of taking down mid-tier Pokemon in a single shot, but these Pokemon stand a chance at taking Decidueye out easily with super effective hits.

Would we recommend Decidueye? In general, no. But, if you want you play Pokemon Sun and Moon on hard mode then Decidueye is the perfect handicap for you!

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