Pokemon Sun And Moon Global Mission 2: Second Event On Track To Fail

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pokemon go sun and moon global mission

Back in November, Game Freak held a special Global Mission for Pokemon Sun and Moon. The first mission was simple; players will need to catch as much Pokemon as they can within a time frame. However, the results of the event weren?t that impressive, and players even failed to reach the halfway point of the 100 million goal mark. With a slightly less ambitious goal for the second event, is the second Pokemon Sun and Moon Global Mission now a bigger success?

The new Pokemon Sun and Moon Global Mission tasks?players to?simply locate Pokemon. However, it?s not just a simple random encounter sort of thing as players will need to use the Island Scan to get Pokemon. This time around, Game Freak has set the bar lower. Instead of the previous 100 million goal, players will only have to locate a cumulative amount of 1 million Pokemon using the Island Scan.

Still A Big Failure If This Keeps Up

As of now, players have located not more than 20,00 Pokemon using the Island Scan. So far, it seems as though the easy task and modest goal is still not pushing players to participate in the Pokemon Sun and Moon Global Mission. The mission will last only until Jan. 9, which is still a few days to go. Unless there’s a big increase in Island Scans in the coming days, players won’t be able to catch up and reach the goal.

To get the Island Scanner, players will need to scan Pokemon QR codes first. A total of 100 points is required to unlock the Island Scanner, and each Pokemon QR code is equals to 10 points. This means 10 Pokemon QR codes are required to activate the Island Scanner once.

Once the Island Scanner is up and running, players can catch a rare Pokemon that can?t be normally caught in Alola. These Pokemon are from past generations and they include Chikorita, Luxio, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Horsea, Klink and many more.

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