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Pokemon Sun and Moon Leaks: How To Download ROM & Play The Game Today Links Appear Online, Should You Try It?

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Leaks

The upcoming Pokemon game is scheduled to arrive on November 18, this coming Friday. Multiple Pokemon Sun and Moon leaks have been around, even if it?s still months away from release.

At the present time, there is no doubt that Pokemon Sun and Moon has its fair share of leaks. However, previous leaks would be nothing compared to the alleged leak that is currently spreading on the Internet. Compared to the previous leaks which consisted of Pokedex, images, starter Pokemon & etc, the actual game is now leaked.

Under these circumstances, some people are now able to download the ROM and actually play the game ahead of its release date. In fact, some Redditors claimed that they have been able to talk to a bunch of people in the festival plaza which is located in the game.

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In addition, the Reddit thread is filled with people that are now able to play the 3DS game. Instead of wondering what the fully released version would bring, Redditors are now discussing in-game matters. In fact, some people are actually asking how to get to the Festival Plaza.

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In addition, someone already wrote a guide on how to find Mareanie, a Water/Poison type Pokemon. Now that the full game is somewhat released, there?s no doubt that even the soundtrack has been released as well.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Leaks

Pokemon Sun and Moon Leaks Full Game

Pokemon Sun and Moon Full Game download link can be found everywhere by now. While it?s illegal to download and play the game as of this moment, numerous websites are already hosting download links.

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However, some of these websites contain?nothing but viruses. Hence, people should only download the original game. Furthermore, it appears that further discussion within the thread is now locked due to a large amount of users requesting the illegal content.

As can be seen, just typing Pokemon Sun and Moon ROM in Google would actually give numerous download links and other Pokemon Sun and Moon leaks. However, extra precaution should be made as most of these are scams while others have viruses.

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