Pokemon Sun And Moon Anime UK Release: New Adventure, New Look for Ash and Pikachu

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Pokemon Sun And Moon Anime

The Pokemon Sun and Moon anime premiered last week in Japan. Fans abroad, such as those in the US and UK, are waiting for the official release date in their local areas. ?

Pokemon Sun And Moon Anime Synopsis

Ash heads off to a new region and a new adventure in Alola. Him and his Pikachu are wearing a new set of clothes and are off to meet new trainers and discover new Pokemon in that region. Ash receives a Z-Ring and becomes a student at the Pokemon School on Melemele Island.

This Z-Ring gives Ash the ability to use the Z-Move, which are intense attacks that are more powerful than his previous ones. Since Ash is known to be a curious fella, he stays in Alola to discover its secrets while his mom travels back home.

Despite the controversy with the new art, fans are excited to see goofy and new comedy antics for this Pokemon anime. Based on the visuals below, you?ll see how Ash and the rest of the characters can be very expressive this time around.

Surely, kids will now find more reasons to adore the Pokemon anime series.

Watch the trailer here:

There?s still no official air date for Sun and Moon in the UK, although, previews will start to air this weekend. Japan has aired two episodes, including this week?s. So if you?re one of those who cannot wait for the English dubbed version, anime streaming sites have now made the subtitled versions available. Links on episode 1 and 2 now appear online. Please be careful when opening links from illegal sites.

Lucky for the US fans, Pokemon Sun And Moon Anime is set to premiere on Disney XD in December.

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