Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime Episode 3 and 4 Spoilers: Ash Gets First Alolan Pokemon, Mimikyu Fights Pikachu!

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Along with the release of the Pokemon Sun and Moon 3DS game comes another Pokemon anime that carries the same title. This anime will feature the adventure of Ash and his friends as they journey across the Alolan regions in search for Pokemon.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Episode 3

The title of Pokemon Sun and Moon episode 3 is ?Intro to the Road to Pokedex,? so we can expect Ash and his gang figuring out how to use the new Pokedex. They will probably be testing its features and controls and how to navigate around Alolan by using it.

As the trailer portrays, the new Pokedex seems to have a life of its own as compared to the earlier ones that are robotic and are just literally a talking library for Pokemon information. Rotom is basically a Pokemon-Pokedex that can change to a total of six forms to help Ash locate other Pokemon and even help him in battle.

This new feature of the new Pokedex ?Rotom? seem to have its own personality as well. Rotom can be perceived as the possible member of Ash?s group that can lighten up difficult moments with its funny antics.

Pokemon Sun and Moon episode 3 will also feature Ash catching his first ever Pokemon in the Alolan island. This said Pokemon is Rowlet, a small avian flying type Pokemon resembling an owl.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Episode 4

With regards to the battle scene that was previewed between Mimikyu and Pikachu, it could probably be in the following episodes. This is where Ash will get to encounter Team Rocket and battle out against them as to who will get the wild Mimi Chu which can probably happen around episode 4.

With this new Pokemon Sun and Moon anime out in Japan, it could either be a hit or a miss for Pokemon fans. With so much new add-ons to the show, other enthusiasts might or might not like these new ideas. It?s up to you to decide whether the new Pokemon anime will live up to your expectation or or not. Pokemon Sun and Moon episode 3 will air on November 24.

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