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Pokemon Sun and Moon: Pokemon List and Abilities

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

A full list of new Pokemon is revealed for the upcoming game, Pokemon Sun and Moon. The lists include?Alola creatures, while also revealing some information about the Ultra Beasts.

Fans are always expecting to see a new list of creatures being revealed whenever a main Pokemon game releases. Nintendo has revealed a significant amount of new Pokemon, since the announcement of Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Pokemon Sun and Moon List

For those who are looking for the compilation of the new Pokemon. We?ve made a compilation below, in order to prepare the players for the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon game.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

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Alola region is the home of a lot of unique Pokemon. It also happens to be the place of where will the game be set. The list of Alola region Pokemon is below:


Apparently, whenever a Pokemon game releases, there will be a normal bird-like Pokemon. Pikipek can also be evolved twice and can be located on Route 1.


Pokemon Sun and Moon also contains sleepy Pokemon. Komala is similar to Snorlax, which is literally asleep all the time.


People often mistake Rockruff as a normal and puppy-type Pokemon. However, it is quite the contrary. Rockruff is actually a Rock Type Pokemon which will have either Vital Spirit or Keen eye ability.

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One of the starter Pokemon that can be picked by the players from the start. Popplio has the ability of Water Gun from the very start.


Another starter Pokemon which is a Fire-type. Nicknamed as the ?Fire Cat?, the Pokemon already has the ability Ember right from the start.

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One of the starter Pokemon in the game, Rowlett is a Grass-type Pokemon. However, there is something quite unique about Rowlett that earned him/her the fan?s love.


A Fairy/Bug-Type Pokemon that knows the Fairy Wind move right off the bat.


An uncommon Psychic/Water-Type Pokemon. There are only five Psychic/Water-Type Pokemon in the game


A Dragon-Type Pokemon which possess the Dragon Breath attack. Drampa also has the ability of Berserk and Sap Sipper.


An evolved form of Charjabug. Like the pre-evolved form of Vikavolt, it is also an Electric/Bug-type Pokemon. It has the ability of Zap Cannon and Levitation


Some players often ignore a Bug-type Pokemon. However, Charjabug is a different story, it packs quite a punch when it comes to Pokemon battles. It specializes in dealing serious damage to water-type and Flying-type Pokemon


A Dragon/Fire-type Pokemon, it has the ability of Shell Trap. When activated, any attacking Pokemon will receive more damage in return because of Shell Trap?s fiery explosion.


A Steel/Psychic-type Pokemon which has the ability of Full Metal Body. Any attacks from the enemy Pokemon won?t lower the stats of Solgaleo.


Lunala is likely to be exclusive to Pokemon Moon. It has the ability of Shadow Shield.


The very first Ultra Beasts that has been revealed.

UB-02 Absorption

UB-02 is another Ultra Beast. However, according to GameRant, it will be exclusive to Pokemon Sun.

UB-02 Beauty

A mysterious monster that is also rumored to be exclusive to Pokemon Sun.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is set to release on November 18, 2016 and will be available for Nintendo 3DS.

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