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Pokemon Stars: Nintendo Primes New Trailer After Removing Old Pokemon Videos

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Pokemon Stars
Source: Alola Forms and Z-Moves Revealed for Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon! video

Some Pokemon Sun and Moon as well as X/Y trailers have suddenly gone missing from the official Nintendo America and Japan Youtube channels. Fans are stoked as Nintendo is supposedly preparing to release a new video, which is presumed to be the rumored Pokemon Stars game for Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has yet to release a third Pokemon version in the sixth and seventh Pokemon generations.

Missing Videos

The Nintendo Switch subreddit community pointed out that some Nintendo Direct videos about Pokemon are now missing. In the past generations, fans note that Nintendo also removed older videos before they released a new trailer. In this case, speculations heavily lean toward a Pokemon Stars  trailer to be released soon.

May is also considered a month for Pokemon releases for its fans. Fans are on the lookout for any new Nintendo Direct announcements to expect this new game. If Nintendo reveals nothing this month, fans still have E3 next month to look forward for a Pokemon Stars announcement.

Nintendo’s Current Actions

As seen on the official Nintendo of America Twitter account, Pokemon Sun and Moon events on Toys R Us stores are scheduled this May 13. This event doesn’t seem to hint any new reveals as it just seems to give out freebies and playing demos of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Unless Nintendo plans to refresh their audience for a Pokemon Stars release, we don’t have anything hinting about a third version’s release from this.

Third Version

Since the fifth Pokemon generation, a third Pokemon entry has yet to be released in a Pokemon generation. Content-wise, the third version usually features new rare Pokemon, new events, and a slightly different story from the original entries. Sometimes, developer Game Freak does away with version-exclusive Pokemon and includes them all in the third Pokemon version. Overall, third versions, like the potential Pokemon Stars, are valued for its new content.

High Definition Pokemon Stars

Pokemon Stars is rumored to be released for either the 3DS or Switch, or possibly both. Fans are hyped about this game since a Nintendo Switch version could bring higher graphics resolutions due to the console’s hardware capacities, which is a first for the RPG series. Aside from the visuals, the new content that it could bring also excites the fans.

The best we can do is wait for these information to come out even if we get hints from Nintendo themselve. Stay updated with Pokemon Stars news here on The BitBag.

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