Pokemon Stars Rumor: Features Coming To The Game

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Pokemon Stars Nintendo Switch

Late last November, it was leaked that there was going to be a followup to Game Freak?s Pokemon Sun and Moon. The third title, Pokemon Stars, is going to launch for the Nintendo Switch, and it?s easily one of the most anticipated titles for Nintendo?s next console. Redditor T-151 shared a few features that could make it to the next game.

Pokemon Gyms Are Coming

The next title is expected to have some serious features to boot the 7th gen?s move to the Nintendo Switch. One of these is an expanded storyline. Based on previous Pokemon titles, the direction the new storyline may take is with Alola finally having Pokemon Gyms. The franchise staple feature was missing from Pokemon Sun and Moon, but it could be back in the third entry as the League has developed after the events of the recent titles.

A New Team

Another thing that Game Freak can do to expand the game?s story is by adding a new group to encounter. The recent datamine revealed a 4th encounter music not heard in Pokemon Sun and Moon, but it could be used for a team to be added in the next title.

Marshadow And Nekrozoma

When Pokemon Stars arrives, it?s going to have a cover Pokemon. For Pokemon Sun, it was Solgaleo and then Lunaala for Pokemon Moon. It?s likely that Nekrozoma could be the cover Pokemon as it carries a star shape in its head. As for Marshadow, we could possibly see more story development for it, just like Nekrozoma.

Walking With Pokemon

One of the datamined codes from Pokemon Sun and Moon was an overworld model of Pokemon walking and resting. The codes point to walking with Pokemon being a scrapped feature from Pokemon Sun and Moon. Walking with Pokemon is a feature that fans have been asking for a long time. We?ve yet to know why it was scrapped from Pokemon Sun and Moon, but it?s likely because the 3DS can?t handle such a feat. Hopefully, we get to see it in action in Pokemon Stars.

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