Pokemon Stars Release Date In 2017 Possible As Nintendo Begins Dropping Hints

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Pokemon Stars Possible Teaser
A Possible Teaser For Pokemon Stars [Image Courtesy Of Pokemon Website]

Pokemon Sun and Moon is without a doubt one of the best titles on the Nintendo 3DS. It’s also one of the best Pokemon games out there and we wouldn’t be surprised if Game Freak and Nintendo would immediately do a follow-up for the 7th gen of the franchise. The rumored follow up is titled Pokemon Stars and the unconfirmed game has seemingly popped up again.

A new Pokemon merchandise line has been announced for Japan. The items are pretty interesting on their own but the tagline “Look Upon The Stars” is what caught the attention of the fans of the franchise. It’s been awhile since we’ve heard about Pokemon Stars and the recent ad for the merchandise line could be a new tease for the third game.

Aside from the tagline, the merchandise line is accompanied by an image featuring Pikachu and Cosmog looking at constellations. This feels like a direct tease for Pokemon Stars and there’s a good chance that we could be seeing more of the rumored title pretty soon.

Many could say that the theme of the merchandise line is just a coincidence, but this feels rather unlikely. With overall theme of the 7th gen of Pokemon games being heavenly bodies, a Stars entry sounds very fitting alongside Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Now that Nintendo’s already teasing a possible third game from the 7th gen, all that’s left now is to think about what new things Game Freak will bring to the game. Pokemon Sun and Moon set a pretty high bar for Pokemon Stars to surpass, but we can expect the developer to go all out.

In lieu of the success of the Nintendo Switch, there’s a chance that Nintendo is going to bring the next game on the new console. If that does happen, then it’ll be the first time that a Pokemon RPG is brought to consoles.

The portability of the 3DS sounds ideal for the rumored title and as evident by the success of past Pokemon RPGs, handheld is the way to go with the series. However, the game being placed on consoles for the first time would also be a good thing as developers have more power to work with as compared to handheld devices.

The third game is looking more and more likely after the recent tease and we could be seeing it pretty soon. For more gaming news, keep it right here on The BitBag. 

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