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Pokemon Stars: Pokemon Sun And Moon Datamine Reveals Possible Features

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Pokemon Stars

Pokemon Sun and Moon are definitely two of the best 3DS titles out there. When they launched in November, fans were quick to flock stores to grab a copy. A few weeks after launch, Nintendo revealed that a third game is in the works and will be made for the Nintendo Switch. Pokemon Stars is expected to have a lot of new features that the first two titles didn?t have. A recent Pokemon Sun and Moon datamine may have revealed what these features are.

In-Game Event For Zygarde

In Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, players already have access to quite a few Legendary Pokemon. One of these is Zygarde who played a huge part in Pokemon X and Y. The datamine shared by YouTuber russyaeffy++ reveal that Zygarde has an overworld model in the game?s code.

The overworld model is for Pokemon that is seen outside of battle. In Pokemon X and Y, players get to meet Zygarde outside of battle. In Pokemon Sun and Moon, Zygarde can?t be encountered in the overworld for now. Since it has an overworld model in the game?s code, there?s a chance that its scrapped encounter is being saved up for Pokemon Stars.

Another Group To Encounter

One Pokemon Stars rumor is that it?ll have an expanded storyline. Since it?s one of the Nintendo Switch games, Game Freak isn?t likely to make a direct port of the 3DS title. It could create an expanded storyline for the third title.

In the datamine, a fourth encounter soundtrack is revealed to have been scrapped from Pokemon Sun and Moon. The three others are for regular Trainer, Team Skull and Aether Foundation battles. This fourth encounter soundtrack could be for a new group to be introduced in the third entry.

Pokemon Walking

Over at Twitter, sleepyjirachi shared that he discovered in the game?s files overworld models of Pokemon walking and resting. This means that players almost had the chance to walk alongside Pokemon in the recent entries. It?s another scrapped Pokemon Sun and Moon feature that could be making its way to Pokemon Stars. Since the Nintendo Switch houses a better processing power than the 3DS, it could handle the animations of Pokemon walking.

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