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Pokemon Stars: Game Freak Job Hiring Points To New Nintendo Switch Game [Rumor]

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pokemon stars
Pikachu getting ready to unleash some thunder. [Image from Google Play]

It looks like the rumored Pokemon Stars for the Nintendo Switch might be coming to fruition sooner than we thought. A new Pokemon game was rumored to launch on Nintendo’s acclaimed console, but there hasn’t been any proof. Thanks to a job listing from Game Freak – the developer of all the main Pokemon games – this might be it.

Nintendo Everything stated that Game Freak is looking for developers that have experience making character and monster models. Apparently, the hiree will need to have experience working on games for the Wii U or PS Vita. Since monster modeling was mentioned, it’s easy to assume that this is for the long rumored Pokemon game.

Shoot For The (Pokemon) Stars

After the worldwide success of Pokemon Sun and Moon, many assumed we would see Pokemon Stars for the Switch. Rumors speculated that it would be similar to Pokemon Platinum, but with better visuals and a new legendary. This is what games like Pokemon Platinum and Pokemon Sapphire did, fixing the visuals and adding new features.

Considering how much more powerful the Switch is over the 3DS, it will be cool to see how a Pokemon game looks in it. Both Sun and Moon already look great on the 3DS, so one can imagine how it will look in an HD screen. This would also make it the first official main Pokemon game on a console, though the Switch can also be a handheld.

Brand New Pokemon Game?

While a retooled version of Sun and Moon would be great, Pokemon Stars could be an entirely different game. Aside from modeling monsters and characters, Game Freak also wants the hiree to make super-derformed (SD) characters with “toon rendering.” Previous games in the series didn’t have that, so this could be a new feature or an all-new Pokemon game.

Either way, this could be one of the most popular Nintendo Switch titles not named Breath of the Wild. Pokemon games have an insane amount of fans, hence the worldwide craze for Pokemon GO when it first came out. Even though it has died down recently, the mobile title is still making a ton of money.

Until any further news comes out, this is all pure speculation and could amount to nothing. Game Freak also made Tembo: The Badass Elephant, so the company could be making a sequel to that odd title. Pokemon Sun and Moon are available now, both of which are playable on the 3DS and New 3DS, along with the 2DS.

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