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Pokemon Stars Nintendo Switch Release Coming Soon?

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Pokemon Stars Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has been very busy the past couple of months. Aside from the release of the much awaited Pokemon Sun and Moon game for the Nintendo 3DS, the company also unveiled its next console which is the Nintendo Switch. It appears that the Japanese gaming company though is not done yet as it plans on combining these two things very soon. This comes as a recent report has revealed that Nintendo may be planning a Pokemon Stars Nintendo Switch release which is actually a version of the new 3DS game made especially for the upcoming console.

The Nintendo Switch is one exciting console that video game fanatics have been looking forward to. Not only is the console compatible to play on your TV and monitor, you can instantly transform it into a handheld console and bring it with you anywhere.

With so many great games already set to be released on the Nintendo Switch, fans cannot help but be very excited for its release. Now, it appears that another great game is going to be released for the Nintendo Switch and it comes in the form of Pokemon Stars.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon for the Nintendo Switch

According to Eurogamer, the Nintendo Switch is going to get a Pokemon Sun and Moon version which is currently being referred to with the codename Pokemon Stars. This is certainly a very exciting move for Nintendo as a Pokemon game would be perfect for the Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

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If indeed the rumors are true, the Pokemon Stars Nintendo Switch release is going to be the first time there will be a Pokemon game for a home console. This is going to be something that video game fanatics are surely going to go crazy over.

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Pokemon Stars Gameplay

At this point in time, there are very few details about the Pokemon Stars game. It will be interesting to see what changes Nintendo and Game Freak will add to the game as compared to its Nintendo 3DS version.

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Be sure to check back here soon to find out more news and updates on the Pokemon Stars Nintendo Switch release as well as on other great games releasing soon.

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