Nintendo Switch Pokemon Game Leaked; Pokemon Stars Rumored To Join Switch Lineup

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Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has been a hot topic ever since it’s trailer went up on YouTube. And even though there’s a lot of talks over the Switch, it’s upcoming launch games are still a mystery. There are however numerous rumours floating around the Internet on what the launch titles will be. The two possible launch titles that everyone has been speculating about is Mario and Zelda: Breathe of the Wild.

Recently, a new contender has made its way into the list of possible upcoming launch titles. And it’s none other than Pokemon. Eurogamer had revealed back in November last year that a supposed insider has leaked info on a new Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch.

The new Pokemon game was codenamed Pokemon Stars and is supposedly a console port of the 3DS game Pokemon Sun and Moon. Now there is more support for the rumor with GameStop recently teasing that a new Pokemon game is indeed set for the Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Stars

Gamestop had teased that during the upcoming January 12 event, a new Pokemon game may be revealed. The big reveal made by GameStop may also be a blunder. GameStop had posted a listing on their site describing that the Nintendo Switch will let players “play Pokemon at home.”

The list had been removed after it had went up, but several netizens were able to take screenshots before it had been taken down. Although the listing does not say which Pokemon game will be on the Nintendo Switch, it does at least confirm that Pokemon will be on the upcoming console. This in itself is enough fuel to keep people hopeful that it will be Pokemon Stars.

Although it’s possible for Nintendo to bring back old classics on the Nintendo Switch, porting Pokemon Sun and Moon on the console would definitely be a great idea.

This is because Pokemon Sun and Moon have already proven itself a great game having broken Nintendo’s sales records. Having as much great games in the Nintendo Switch’s starting lineup would greatly determine the success of the console.

What do you guys think? Will Pokemon Stars be a reality soon? Let us know in the comments section below!

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