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Pokemon Stars News: Game Freak Discusses Pokemon On Nintendo Switch

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Pokemon Stars

Recently, Game Freak?s Junichi Masuda and Shigeru Ohmori eyed the upcoming Nintendo Switch as a good console for future Pokemon entries. Game Freak notes of the console?s portability which makes it great for a future Pokemon release. Will we see Pokemon Stars on the Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch for Pokemon

According to Meristation?s interview with Masuda and Ohmori, Game Freak expressed interest in developing the next Pokemon game on the Nintendo Switch. Masuda notes of Pokemon?s strength in local and communicative play. Nintendo Switch?s portable console doesn’t only allow Pokemon fans to play with each other locally, but it also affords some better hardware for improved graphics. Potentially, the Nintendo Switch may amp up Pokemon?s graphics even more and it may also bring some cut Pokemon Sun and Moon features such as Pokemon walking.

Pokemon Stars So Far

According to Eurogamer, unknown sources have confirmed of Pokemon Stars? development. Apparently, the third 7th Generation Pokemon game?s entry was delayed to give way for the development of the Pokemon Sun and Moon. Pokemon Stars? development has since been resumed after the release of Sun and Moon. Pokemon Stars is said to be released this coming 2017, but take this with a pinch of salt as the announcement came from an anonymous source rather than an official release.

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Third Entry Resumed

Previously, Pokemon X and Y generation did not receive their ?Pokemon Z? entry. It?s been speculated that Pokemon Z would have expounded more on Zygarde?s side and possibly allow a different story similar to Pokemon Emerald. However, more of Zygarde-related quests can be found in Pokemon Sun and Moon which makes a Zygarde-focused Pokemon Z unlikely.

Potentially, Pokemon Stars could either introduce a third titular Pokemon along with Solgaleo and Lunaala or introduce new Ultra Beasts. The third game can also use the 7th Generation?s time of day systems to introduce new weather or sky visuals to enjoy. At best, third Pokemon entries are vast improvements to the first two games of its generation so it?s worth picking up. However, ?Pokemon Stars might be released on the Nintendo Switch rather than the 3DS if the console goes on sale earlier than the game

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