Pokemon Stars: What We Know So Far

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A huge number of players are currently exploring the islands of the Alola region in Pokemon Sun and Moon. The latest entry in the Pokemon RPG series launched a few days ago, ?and the game is well-received. Also at launch day, rumors began spreading around that a third title called Pokemon Stars is in the works.

It?s not rare for the Pokemon titles to have a third entry that launches shortly after the first games. There?s Pokemon Platinum, Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon Yellow. It?s no surprise that Game Freak is looking to launch a third title accompanying the gen 7 Pokemon. Pokemon Stars is expected to launch for the Nintendo Switch, and here?s what we know so far.

It Can Be Played Alongside Sun And Moon

Eurogamer reports that the game was developed alongside Pokemon Sun and Moon. This means that there?s a good chance that players can battle it out in cross-platform multiplayer between the Switch and the 3DS. Additionally, Pokemon Bank will be compatible with Sun and Moon come January. Pokemon Stars might receive compatibility as well, meaning players can transfer Pokemon between the versions.

New Cover Pokemon

Giratina and Rayquaza served as the main Legendaries for their respective games. Once the third game launches, there?s probably going to be a new Legendary Pokemon to grace the cover. Nekrozma doesn?t seem to fit the ?stars? title unlike Solgaleo for Sun and Lunaala for Moon, so it?s possible that Game Freak might introduce a new Legendary instead.

There Will Be Some Improvements

With the game launching for the Nintendo Switch, Game Freak will surely take advantage of the console?s power. Fans should expect better graphics above all else.

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