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Pokemon Prism ROM Leaked Online Despite Nintendo Cease And Desist Order

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Pok?mon Prism
Pok?mon Prism

Pokemon has been a phenomenal game franchise that has successfully captured the hearts and minds of many generations of gamers. But as great as Pokemon is, no game can satisfy every single desire that its fan base has. This has led to the rise of many alternate unofficial spinoff titles of Pokemon games through the work of dedicated fans who know a thing or two about programming.

The latest game that almost didn?t get released was Pokemon Prism. Pokemon Prism is an ROM hack version of Pokemon Crystal made by some die hard fans and it has finally made its unofficial release on the internet, thanks to the work of some crafty hackers.

Pokemon Prism

Pokemon Prism was made by Koolboyman and a small team. The game works on the original Pokemon Crystal but Koolboyman?s team had developed their own original take on the game?s Pokemon experience.

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Pokemon Prism boasted some innovative features. The game would let players customize their characters, play as Pokemon, and even showcased original Pokemon types such as sound and gas types!

Pokemon Prism might be a hacked version of the Pokemon Crystal but it certainly is not a bad bootleg version of the game. It’s actually pretty good. During its eight years of development, fans of the project praised it and the game was also supported by some popular Twitch gamers as well. It eventually developed a good fan following that lead to a much anticipated release initially set for Christmas this year.

However, not everything went according to plan when Nintendo decided to step in at the last minute. The big gaming giant decided to effectively stop the team from releasing the game. But lucky for us, Nintendo?s plans didn?t work for long.

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Hackers Unite

After Nintendo hit Koolboyman with the cease and desist, their official website was shut down. Things may have seemed bleak but the following day, the complete files of the game were released on 4chan! When downloaded, a readme file made by the pirates wrote: ?a group of people interested in seeing ROM hacks succeed.?

The pirates also pointed out that they have no connection with the original team behind the project. The hackers also deleted the team?s credits in the game as well for added precaution. All of this would hopefully leave the original team safe from any legal action done by Nintendo (hopefully). Well, at least we can all play the game now.

So far, there?s no word out saying that it’s illegal to download and play the game. You should definitely give Pokemon Prism a chance while you still can!

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